Chafik Charobim | EXHIBITIONS

During his early career, the artist held a number of exhibitions of his works in Europe. Several of Charobim’s paintings were purchased by museums of contemporary art, private collectors and art connoisseurs in France, Great Britain and Italy. At home, his works were exhibited at the Friends of the Arts, the Cultural Center for Diplomats, the Union of the French, Belgian and Swiss Universities as well as at the Italo-Egyptian Art Exhibition Center. After his death a number of exhibitions were held for his works. These were held at the Society of the Friends of Arts, the Egyptian Art Center, and Ebdaa Gallery. Some of his works can be viewed today at the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in Cairo.

Charobim’s paintings were highly praised by numerous art critics such as Etienne Miriel, Claude De Rives and Mohammed Sidqi al-Gabahangi, as well as by several Egyptian ministers of culture, including Badr El-Din Abou Ghazy and Farouk Hosny. Critics spoke of ‘..the portrayal of Charobim’s works which presents a noble chapter of history of our art movement’, and of the artist ‘filled with sensibility, whose landscapes capture the eternal Egypt’. But nothing better describes Charobim’s works than the words of Egyptologist Kamal El-Mallakh: “Charobim’s art brings to us, in a nutshell, what you and I see everyday without noticing its beauty”.


Private Collections

A selection of black and white photographs of Charobim’s works