Painting of the artist Chafik Charobim
A Portrait of the artist
(Chafik Charobim)
By Prof. Youssef Kamel 1956
Oil painting on wood (23 X 45 cm)
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Welcome to this site, dedicated entirely to the
work of the late artist
Chafik Charobim  (1894-1975),
an Egyptian artist who brought through his
brush, the "Peaceful and Tranquil Egypt of the
last Century" to the arts community of Egypt and
around the world.

December 20, 2000
Al-Ahram newspaper
Cairo - Egypt

The Annual Salon of Small Art
Work is on again at the Centre of
Arts' Akhenaton Halls in
Zamalek. With a total of 960
pieces by 443 artists -- mostly
under 35 years of age -- the
exhibition undoubtedly gathers
the largest collection of Egypt's
up-and-coming talents.

The main salon is devoted to
guest of honour and master
from the past
Chafik Charobim (1894-1975),
while portraits, paintings, prints,
computer art and designs,
drawings, modern sculptures
and ceramics occupy the
remaining space.

Headed by Ahmed Fouad Selim,
the jury has already bestowed
(12) LE5000 awards on the
winning artists, whose works
will be on display until Sunday
December 24, 2000

Source Al-Ahram
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Boutros Boutros-Ghali  
had to say about
Chafik Charobim
Signature of the artist on the
painting Giovani
in Rome (see gallery)
10  June  1922
C. Charobim
A nude study, year 1925
The News Box
Town House Gallery - The Pick 3
Selected Works by Art Students and Recent Graduates First Floor & Factory

Shady El Noshokaty, Ph.D. and an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Art Education at
Helwan University in Cairo

Brian Curling, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Performing and Visual Arts,
American University in Cairo, and Director of the Falaki Gallery

The Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to invite you to the opening of its
next exhibition, Pick 3: Selected Works by Art Students and Recent Graduates. The
exhibition will highlight the diverse work being produced by students from several Art
colleges in Egypt and provide a glimpse into an emerging generation of young artists.  

The exhibition will include works by Ahmed Sabry (video installation),
Amy Arif (drawings),
Hala Abu Shady (video), Hossam El Sawah (video), Lina Osama (collage), Maged Zaki
(ceramic installation), Mahmoud Halawy (collage), May Ramadan (drawings), Mohamed
Abd Karim (animation video), Mohamed Alam (video), Mona Gamil (video), Nancy Heba
(photography), Noor El Deeb (photography), Oliver Cronk (sculpture), Shayma Abd El
Manem (photography), Tarek Karama (photography), Yasmine Fawzy (book installation)
and Yumna El Bana (photography)
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The Art of Chafik Charobim
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